Exeter Search specialises in tailored search and selection services dedicated to functions responsible for reputation and brand.

Partnering businesses in all industries, of all shapes and all sizes, our mandates range from single search projects, talent mapping and assessment to functional reshaping and benchmarking. Supporting Europe-based positions we offer global, cross-regional and local talent sourcing services according to the scope of role and client needs.

Our clients trust us. Our projects come almost exclusively from referred or returning businesses.

Our value lies in our visibility of the market and our in-depth function knowledge and understanding. We gather and share market intelligence with our clients, and take pride in offering up-to-date insights, analysis and peer discussion initiatives for corporate affairs, marketing and investor relations professionals. Our talent network remains globally active and ever growing.

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Kim Johnson


Kim started her career in executive search within financial services in the UK before moving into communications search and selection in 2009. Building a strong global search experience in the following years, Kim covered the UK, Belgian, Swiss and French markets consecutively for one of the UK’s top communications search firms.

Focusing for a number of years on global communications search mandates, Kim has supported numerous functional redesigns and integrations and continues to be a strong advocate for the link between business success and a high performing, well resourced corporate affairs function.

Since 2015 Kim has been based in Paris managing local and cross-regional search mandates for mid to large international businesses, including a large selection of CAC 40 businesses.

Active in global and local corporate affairs associations Kim is a strong believer in peer discussion and function analysis to support the growth and positioning of reputation and brand related functions within businesses.

E-mail: kjohnson@exetersearch.com Linkedin: linkedin.com